In today’s vlog I want to give you some MASSIVE knowledge about Branding! I see people continue to make the same mistakes again and again with their own branding. Let me help you create a brand that can work with you and not against you. Your brand is the big picture of what somebody remembers of your company. It’s the messaging, imagery, and the lasting impression that you leave on your clients. The branding is what speaks to clients or consumers and why they would choose you over somebody else.

Your Branding is Not just Your Logo

A logo is a piece of your brand, but it is not your whole brand.  Don’t get me wrong while a logo is a small piece of the puzzle it’s still important to your brand. It’s important because your logo should be that lasting impression. Think of a sticker or a stamp on your hand when you went to a carnival. You’d remember that design for days or weeks! That is what your logo should be. A lot of people feel that when you connect yourself with your logo it’s your brand. Your brand should reflect you. It should be components of who you are, your beliefs, and values. Don’t get wrapped up in keeping it sleek and simplistic. You need to consider many things when designing your logo. It should represent what your brand is and can tell people how you can help them. More important than anything is making it memorable. All these things are combined and presented to the type of people you want to attract.

Your Brand = Bait

Think of your brand as your bait. The brand is what you use to bring clients to your business. Don’t look at bait in a negative context but like fishing. Who wouldn’t want to catch a little fishy? Understanding this can change your perspective towards branding. Your business name plays an important part in branding. Having a business name relevant to your industry is important in gaining new business. Think hard about what you want to do and represent. Brand colors will play a key component in the people you attract to your business. I’m currently working on adjusting my brand colors. I ask myself what would other people see? How will they respond? You need to find the people you want to work with that will connect with you.

Your Branding demands Constant Work and Effort

Working on your brand is constant. Everything that you do is a part of your brand. In my previous vlog I mention you need to be as good as your reputation. Your brand is very similar. The brand is your representation. It’s important to know how to leverage that. When you’re trying to brand your message understand who you’re trying to attract and what they want. I hope this was helpful and you’ve found value from this! We want to hear from you. Post in the comments below and tell me about your branding. Tell me what makes your brand special and how you highlight those things. Let’s share what makes us special.

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