It’s Friday, in July, when I should be out frolicking and enjoying the sun. Instead, I’m happily working away at websites and content, helping clients bring out their best.

Along my travels today, it struck me that I have yet to divulge some of my favorite things to use. As a designer and business owner, I feel it’s my duty to hit you up with my top three WordPress plugins and why I love them.

(The plugins listed below are available free, though most have an upgrade option. None of my endorsements are paid, I just really like these tools.)

Elementor Plugin

If you build WP sites, you may have heard of this already. Or, maybe you haven’t! Elementor is a plugin developer tool that you can use in conjunction with any theme to standardize your capabilities. It incorporates any inherent functions right in. Elementor includes many useful widgets; Include your favorite plugins and WordPress widgets automatically, and simply drag and drop them into the page. So, no coding required, just seamless integration.

That being said, it doesn’t prevent me from coding and getting technical when I need too. It’s also a favorite to hand off to clients when they intend to manage their own maintenance. (Reads; EASY TO LEARN!)

Free to use on any personal site, and licenses available for developers (which I have!), makes this a winner in my books.

Check it out here -> Elementor

YOAST Plugin

YOAST is a plugin that makes SEO user friendly. Truly!

I know what you are thinking, “how can YOAST really be easy to use when I don’t even understand SEO?”

(By the way, if this is you, hop over to our blog post on SEO; it’ll help clear a few things up! – CLICK HERE)

The whole point of this tool is to make it an easy, user-friendly experience to get your SEO game up to par. Offering features on each post, and as an overall component, to ensure no page is left untouched!

It also analyzes text and composition to make sure you’re text is easy to read, engaging, AND still gets picked up by the bots. Cool hey?

Check it out here -> YOAST

Sumo Plugin

While I have only recently jumped on this bandwagon it’s already clear to me why this tool is so popular!

In just a few days, I’ve doubled my traffic. #boom

Sumo is a plugin that enhances your social media experience, both for yourself and your visitors. You can choose what they see and where, to ensure you’re catching attention.

With amazing built in features like image and quote sharing, google and post analytics, and even list building options, it’s rapidly become a must-have for all of my clients.

Like the others, it’s free to use, but the pro features are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!

Check it out here -> SUMO

That’s my 2 cents!

There you have it, my winning combination. Sure, I’m not limited to them, but everyone has favorites and these are mine.

Keep in mind folks, it’s not always about the newest, best, most advanced tools, but the tools that work best within your preferred work style and see results.

Are your tools getting you results? What are some of YOUR favorite tools? Let me know in the comments below!