Ahoy-hoy everyone! I’m here today with another live video challenge. These challenges make me commit to something and I need that. Not to mention I get the opportunity to bring you all more amazing content! Today I’m going to talk about being as good as your reputation.

Be Accountable to your Brand’s Reputation

  Your reputation is based on how amazing and good you were. I had a traumatic experience recently with a dentist. As a business owner, I must talk and act the way I want my brand presence to be. If I don’t do this and someone keeps me accountable to it on social media, I would say I deserve it. How I handle it will also speak to my character. Whether you’re a private dentist or a marketing agency you should be accountable to the people you serve. You should always be giving your best. Your reputation is a culmination of you and what people say when you’re not around. You want your reputation to be looked at positively which means you need to also be that way.

Positive Experiences Lead to a Better Reputation

  I recently saw a dentist and it was not a good experience. I went online to a local Facebook group to share my recent experience. I reached out and shared my experience with people in my area. Many people agreed that my experience was wrong and should not have happened. Because of that there was a backlash to the dentist. Both the dentist and a secondary dentist contacted me from this. They requested I take my post down. There was no accountability or upholding of their pristine reputation. People shouldn’t be afraid to leave you reviews or feedback. That could lead to them being afraid to even use you. Word of mouth is a very effective form of marketing for a business. People remember the negative experiences much more than the positive experiences. They are much more inclined to be your critic than a supporter if they have a bad experience.

Uphold Your Reputation


It’s great when people give you five-star reviews and post great testimonials on your page. If you don’t continue to uphold that reputation it becomes meaningless. Now I know I’m not perfect. I’ve lost clients, some good and some bad. It’s your response to the situation and how you handle it that matters.

I discovered the root cause of the experience I received. It all boiled down to lack of confidence. The dentist didn’t feel they had the strength to pull my tooth out. Instead of being accountable and honest with the situation they provided excuses. There’s going to be situations that we are not capable of helping someone with. You should immediately begin thinking about how you can help them. Whether that be referring them to a partner or customer. This gives you credibility to your reputation.

Your reputation is what will either keep you in business or ruin your business. It’s all about to you how you build your reputation. It’s on you how your customers see you. The next time you’re in a difficult situation, analyze the situation from the other side of the situation. Be as good as your reputation or better, always.