Are you a dreamer or are you a doer? Do you watch celebrities and wish their lives were yours? Or are you out there creating your own dream? Are you ticking things off your list or adding on to it? Are you fulfilled or full of longing?

I used to be a dreamer and I used to have a million dreams. Dreams are good and healthy for you, though like most things, they are best in moderation. As a dreamer, I accomplished little. As a doer, I’m constantly in action. I still dream, but now, I also do. That’s the place to be, the sweet spot, a doer with dreams.

Anyone can shift from dreamer to doer. I did it, anyone can. I’ll even do my best to break it down into simple, repeatable steps. First, let’s talk about who each of these people are.


The Dreamers and the Doers

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to define these two types.

Dreamers are always imagining their very best scenarios. Living with their heads in the clouds, they would rather imagine all the amazing possibilities than act on them.

From my experience, many dreamers are also escapists. Therein lies the problem. Wishing, hoping, and dreaming can be beneficial to the soul but it’s not intended as your second home. We need to remember to step out into the real world and make our mark there.

Doers are the other end of the spectrum. They spend little to no time dreaming because, for them, it’s become a plan. Doers take their ideas and turn them into action. Instead of dreams, they see end goals. The only thing they need to do is build the path between where they are now and that tasty finish line.

While few would say there are any downfalls to being a doer, I disagree. Those focused on nothing other than achieving may miss other important parts of life. Everything is best in moderation, even drive.


Why can’t I be a Dreamer and a Doer?

You can be whatever you want. I mean that. ANYTHING. The only limitations are those you place on yourself. The thing about being a dreamer is that it’s easy to forget to do anything. Or refuse to do anything. I mean, how can anything in real life come close to what we see in our dreams?

I’m all for combinations of the two, but if you’re not accomplishing anything you’re dreaming, what good is it serving? What legacy will your daydreams leave behind?

If you can keep healthy, unattainable dreams (I always wanted to be a dinosaur) separate from the attainable ones, you’re golden. Some of us need to work hard to become doers. Sometimes more than once in a lifetime.

If you need to shift your inactive day-dreaming into active ass-kicking, keep reading.


Shift from Dreamer to Doer

For whatever reason, you’re feeling stagnant. You’re watching things on TV and seeing posts in social media and you’re longing for more. Despite the longing, nothing changes. What now?

You could keep dreaming and meandering through life. Each one of us has that option though you run the risk of reaching the end of your life with a huge serving of regret salad. I don’t know about you, yet I’m none to keen on regrets.

So, you need to shift from dreamer to doer. You need a three-pronged approach guaranteed to get through to you! (even if you resist…)


Change Your Surroundings

There is nothing more refreshing, and more encouraging than shifting your surroundings. Reducing clutter can help rejuvenate and restore an unmotivated mind. As you interact with objects, you’ll recall experiences and trigger thoughts.

Changing the colors in your surrounding can affect your mood. If you’re living a minimalist life, rearranging sparse furniture may not make the impact you need. Consider adding new colors to the room; paint on the walls, different accent items, etc.

This is an especially good place to start if you’ve been stagnant for a time. By shifting the energies and focus in your environment, you are opening your mind to a shift in state.

Change your mindset

It’s not enough to move your items around and add a paint job. The shift from dreamer to doer is more than a cosmetic makeover. With the momentum you gain from adjusting your environment, you can begin shifting your mindset.

Want to build an empire? Consider starting with a few seasons of Dragon’s Den. (Or Shark Tank for those down south.) Planning a nomadic lifestyle? Best to start investigating mobile signal providers and travel destinations. 

Every small step is one of action. Every complete step makes the next a little easier. The enemy of progress is inaction so choose to do something.

Change your friends

Not trying to be harsh though you need to know; If your focus and interests in life shift, the people around will shift as well.

I learned this first hand in more than one way. When I first made the move from employee to entrepreneur, the people I knew and associated with daily immediately changed. Of course, not going into an office every day reduces interaction. Working from home even more. Being an entrepreneur is accepting the emotional roller-coaster. When overwhelm happens, I connect with business owners in various stages of the same journey.

As time went on, the few that I did spend any time with outside of newfound entrepreneurial circles, became infected by the message I was spreading. Those around me began inquiring into entrepreneurship. My two closest friends joined me in my endeavour as did some they knew.

The people around you influence your world. Peer pressure exists so why not harness its power for good? I’m a big fan of shaping one’s perceptions in all ways. The silver lining is that we can use the power of peer pressure to affect positive change.


It’s All in the Rinse Repeat

The most important part, above all else, is to keep doing it. Don’t stop, don’t give up. Keeping trying new aspects and approaches. Either you’ll decide it’s not for you, or you’ll be moved into action. Heck, maybe you’ll even discover a new passion in return.

The more you are acting the easier it becomes to take more action. The more you do it, the less your brain will resist. I’m not saying it’s easy, and you may want to quit, but it’s worth it. Every day I wake up looking forward to the day’s challenges and I owe that to entrepreneurship. Starting a business, taking that step, could cause a ripple effect of life-changing proportions.

They say an object in motion stays in motion so get rolling. It’s in the doing that the dreamer becomes the doer!


~Sacha Brant