There is a feeling I get when writing. I have a hard time putting it into words. Maybe that’s because the emotion is more complex than just joy or excitement. There are a lot of things in life that drive us to focus on certain emotions. I can’t think of many things that are like writing where it can move you through the whole spectrum of emotion. Writing can take you to the highest highs and drop you on your face by the next page. Limited only by the imagination and one’s ability to transfer thought to paper.

Writing is an outlet where you can transform all the wonderful ideas in your head. Whether through fact or fiction you can express your inner emotions. It’s a place where you can bring life to the fantastic, where anything becomes possible. To nurture your gift of writing is like opening a new door into self improvement.


If I posed the question to everyone “how does writing make you feel?”, after some deep introspection, I would get an endless menagerie of answers. For me, no matter the ride writing takes me on I always feel like there is a mischievous ball of fire dancing around in me. If you have every seen the movie Howl’s Moving Castle, Howl has a resident fire demon named Calcifer. Calcifer’s job is to Power the mobile castle but he’s a very witty mischievous little ball of fire. When I’m writing I feel like I have my own little inner ball of fire driving me.

A healthier life through writing.

Try to think or your brain as a computer; It’s fancy and chalked full of computing power. Unfortunately, your running DOS and if you don’t code it… you don’t know it. You are not linked up to the internet. Every step is a learning process. As humans, we are able to process our emotions by identifying them and experiencing them. For example, you know when you are angry, you feel overwhelmed, you feel wronged. When the heat is rising in you and you lash out, we know that as rage.

Through writing you can express the emotions bottled up compounded over time. Being able to let go of our emotions and embrace them for what they are will help you live a healthier life. So why not embrace writing?

Find what works for you test the waters get creative!

Just START; Anything from a personal journal to a public blog, from a short story to a novel. Start by trying to stretch your imagination. Begin conveying your inner emotions onto paper. Be literal, be obscure, make a fantasy, whatever feels right. When writing, the world is yours and things are as true or as fake as you want them to be.

I’m big into fantasy novels, to the point where I am even writing my own. One thing I have found is that by throwing yourself into your writing, it helps you let go of all the bad and stressful. You can create your own hope, your own silver lining writing becomes something to look forward to doing.

There is a deep introspection that comes from writing. It forces you to think about the way things feel, the way they smell. You must think about interactions and reactions. Writing is a tool to better understand who you are and how you think.

Write it down! First steps to implementing change.

You have probably heard this all throughout your education, but write it down! Whether you are struggling with positive affirmation or getting things done on time – Get it on to paper. My Wife, for example, is a working machine but she needs her lists. Every few days or so a new to-do list is written and then systematically taken down! You see by writing down what it is you need to do you are basically writing a contract with yourself. You have now taken the ideas from inside your head and put it into a document, something tangible. Hey, if it helps sign your to-do lists hold yourself responsible.

Writing can be like a boot camp for your brain, by forcing it to cohesively convey what’s itself. It be quite challenging at times but what’s life without challenge? Force yourself at the end of every day to write down 3 things you did well and 3 things you will do better next time. By doing this you are acknowledging your strengths and wins. You are also opening the door to change the things you could do better.

Write out your positive affirmations.

If you often feel stupid or unworthy of others attention you may need to make a change. Start by telling yourself you are smart and you are of value then write it down over and over again. It’s through repetition and constant positive reinforcement that living a happier life becomes obtainable.

Not only that but it can be a force to deal with the things you wish you were. Bravery, for example, can come in many forms but finding your own bravery in the face of adversity is not easy. You can choose to battle this through writing. Explore what such a concept truly looks like to you. Take yourself deep into an adventure, or set up and solve a mystery. Going through a journey with a character is a great way to motivate yourself. The same way you give life to your creation you will find you start to reflect those qualities as well.

Your words might be all someone else needs.

It can he hard sometimes. We feel like what we write will have no value. What I have learned is we have no idea what someone else might find valuable or helpful. What if someone reads about an act of kindness on your blog and that inspires them to help someone else? Maybe the short story you wrote drove home the need to be a good parent for someone. While I don’t agree every opinion needs to be publicly voice or shared (Ex:  racism, hate or slander), almost everyone has at least one healthy and important concept to share with the world around them. You don’t need to change the world but if you can make life better for one other person, that’s a worthy start!

I remember reading a book written by John Saul called the Manhattan hunt club. The book depicts a struggle for survival trapped deep in the subway tunnels of Manhattan. While being hunted down by a group of sadistic murders the young protagonist fights for his survival.  Not only does he have his own life to worry about, he goes out of his way to help the other two souls that end up there with him. I’m pretty sure if John had never put those words to paper, I might not have such a strong sense to keep those around me safe.

Point being, all those ideas in your head, they could be the turning point for someone else’s self improvement. That’s why I feel being able to write is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or anyone else. I’ll be honest if it was not for my lovely wife who pushed me into I can do anything attitude I may have never started.


If by writing this I can inspire just one other person to pick up a pen or sit at their keyboard I win.

Give yourself the gift of writing you deserve it! There is a whole world out there write about it, write for it and for heaven’s sake write for yourself. You will thank me.

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