We wholeheartedly believe in the entrepreneur lifestyle here at Sassy Lasses. We are entrepreneurs and enjoy helping others take the plunge too. It is an easy task for us to create a long list of reasons why we love the entrepreneurial journey, but it is not for the faint of heart.Being your own boss is demanding, but we agree there are five characteristics that make it a whole lot easier. If you are considering starting your own business, you’d be wise to spend some time doing a little bit of self-evaluation. How many of these traits do you possess?
  1. Adaptability.
  2. Time Management Skills.
  3. Stress Management Skills.
  4. A Fearless Spirit.
  5. Determination.
Let’s take a peek at each one:

Adaptability: Be the Flexible Entrepreneur

How Well Do You Handle Change? When you have a traditional job, most often, you have your list of expected duties to fulfill. You have no need to worry about anything else but your job. It is your sole concern. That is wildly appealing to some. Not so in an entrepreneur’s life. Quite the opposite, as a business owner, you must be prepared to deal with anything and everything that could affect your business. Yes, literally. Who else will do it? Don’t bother looking around – that person is you. You had better be adept at taking the unexpected in stride, or you will stay in a state of panic. We are not saying it is easy, but it is necessary, no less. This is such an important topic, we will expand on it in another blog post and talk about HOW to be adaptable. For now, suffice it to say, it is a trait you should be concerned with developing, or quite frankly, you will stay stressed out. That leads to burn out, and a decline in business… not where you want to go. Stay tuned for more on this subject!

Time Management Skills: On Time is Late

Are You in Control?

If you are not so great with your time management skills, you need to become a student. Then do not quit striving to do better in this area until you are in complete control of all of your minutes each day.

Well, minus the 25% you had better set aside for life happening to you. It does. It will. It’s a certainty. If you do not set aside some breathing room in your schedule, every unexpected event will throw you off your beat.
Your goal is to become an efficiency superhero. Think about it…we each have the same 24 hours in a day to use well. Why do some accomplish the work of ten people, while others struggle to do the work of one?

Granted, some have extenuating circumstances to deal with. It is more challenging if you wear other hats too.

At one time I was a stay at home mother of five, homeschooling, caring for my mother, and running my businesses and household. All with the same 24 hours a day I have now, with one daughter left at home, going to public school, and I have a tiny cabin to tend to.

Gee, I have some self-evaluation to do too!

The thing is though, most people do have at least one extenuating circumstance that makes their life more challenging than they’d like. Just because it is difficult does not mean you can ignore it. Not if you wish to be successful in business. You must learn to rock your time management skills.

For more on efficiency and time management, see our blog posts 3 Success Secrets To Maximize Your Productivity and How to Harness the Power of the Quarter Hour

Stress Management Skills: Keeping Cool Under Hot Pressure

Have You Mastered the Art of Remaining Calm?

Here is yet another reason to learn to be adaptable and efficient. Both traits go far towards helping you remain calm in those moments when you are freaking out and can’t think straight.

Oh, so you have not experienced that? You must not be your own boss yet! The entrepreneurial journey is typically chock full of opportunities to freak out. When you are all discombobulated and emotional, you are not doing anything good for your business until you rein it in. That is a fact.

But how do you rein it in?

The answer is more complex than what can be covered in a single blog post. As always though, we have you covered!

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This next link is super special. We are hard at work behind the scenes on a self-improvement course that is exactly what anyone who struggles to overcome these things needs.

Fearless Spirit: Gotta Play to Win

How Are You at Jumping in the Deep End? If you are in love with your comfort zones, entrepreneurship is not going to work well for you. It is outside of our comfort zones where we grow, and shine, and excel at what we do. Nobody ever accomplished much by staying comfy cozy and safe. Ask yourself….when was the last time you did something for the very first time? If you can’t remember, it is time to start spreading your wings a bit. Start small if you must, but begin intentionally leaving comfort zones. You know what they are, if you are honest with yourself. So, do be honest, and adjust accordingly. As an entrepreneur, a “Sure, why not?” attitude will carry you so much further than being timid and sheepish. Learn how to conquer the fears that are holding you back. In the meantime, there is much to be said for taking a deep breath and going for it. One of my favorite quotes talks about the value of being fearless. From the movie, We Bought a Zoo… “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

Determination: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

How Are You at Persevering When You Really Want to Quit? If you wish to join the ranks of entrepreneurs, you need to develop the art of hanging in there. Business ownership is not for quitters. It is for those with a fierce determination to succeed against all odds. How easily do you give up when the going gets tough? What is it that causes you to want to throw in the towel? Look at the dynamics of why you might be tempted to give up prematurely. Then get to the root of what is holding you back. Is it a lack of self-confidence? Perhaps it is a fear of failure. It could even be a matter of you subconsciously sabotaging your own work. While you are figuring it all out, get stubborn. If that means you are surviving minute by minute, and taking baby steps, be proud of that. Just keep moving forward, knowing that being bullheaded does get easier, even if it does not come naturally. Keep walking it out and have faith.

Are There Areas You Should Work On?

How did you do when you evaluated yourself in these areas? I’ve been an entrepreneur for over thirty years and still see areas in myself that need work. We should always be a work in progress, striving to do the things we do better. If that thought is a turn off, you might want to consider that entrepreneurship might not be a a good fit for you. I honestly cannot think of even one successful entrepreneur that is not into their own personal development and self improvement. I don’t see how anyone can be successful if they are not. No growth means no life and a business that is not vital and growing is dying. Which of these five areas is the biggest struggle for you? What one thing can you implement immediately to help you make progress in that area? Yes, we really would love to know! Feel free to comment….let’s talk and find solutions!