Ah Hoy Hoy everyone! Today we’re talking about your word for 2018. A former friend of mine started this for me and I run with it every year because it’s brilliant! Pick a word that you want to represent 2018.

From Thrive to Prosper

Last year I had decided that my word would be thrive. I wanted to thrive and despite it being difficult, I did thrive. My business has grown and I’ve hired more people. I can’t say that I earned a metric ton of money but I did thrive. If you compare where I am now to where I was a year ago there are huge differences. Now that I’m thriving I’ve been thinking a lot about my word for 2018. I’ve decided it is going to be prosper. I don’t mean only financial prosperity but ways that are important. I want to be able to bring things back to the community.
In the new year we have our entrepreneur program “The Empowerment Pride” that will be launching which is very exciting! We also are having new and cool features coming out that will help us and our clients prosper. Including a grant program for small businesses. For every 10 packages we sell, we’ll be offering a sponsorship to a small business. These businesses will be nominated by our clients who have purchased packages. We will than provide free services to these small businesses to help them succeed.

Make a Commitment to Yourself

I feel having a word for 2018 is important because it works towards getting you to your goal. Over time you begin to work towards what you’re putting out into the universe. It’s not easy however. I find myself that it’s very difficult to remain committed to your goal. The word enabled me to find a way to reframe my success. You begin to evaluate your success by your standards and not those of our society. It becomes targetable and you can work towards it.
What’s your word for 2018? What is something that you can commit to and strive for throughout the year?