If you haven’t heard yet, voice search is here. It’s being used and it’s only going to continue to grow over the coming years.

Disruption in any industry will cause people to resist the change. However, resisting will only put you further back in the game. Instead of resisting, learn how to utilize voice search to your advantage while your competition stays resistant. This will get you ahead of the game and on the innovative side of your marketing. Here’s some methods you can use to utilize voice search.


Long-Tail Keywords Will Be Crucial 

When someone is searching using their voice, it’s a much more conversational question than something direct that is commonly used when searching on the web. Keywords in general are the most powerful approach in your SEO campaign. Regardless of the types of searches we will see in the future, chances are keywords aren’t going anywhere. If you’re not familiar with long-tail keywords specifically, they are phrases with several words instead of a singular word. These are perfect to utilize with voice search because it targets that conversational aspect of the search. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant and on your website you use keywords like “spaghetti” or “burgers”, you’ll need to utilize keywords such as “best spaghetti in New York” or “best burgers in Vancouver”. Including the location in your long-tailed keywords will become another crucial component when you utilize voice search for your brand.


Use Your Community


People are using voice search to get answers quick. If someone is using voice search it’s because they don’t have time to search the web and find a rsult. They want a result right away and you want that result to be yours. Most people now when they’re on the go are doing local searches. They’ll search terms such as “Best Italian Restaurants In Calgary.” You can get to that forefront by utilizing your community in your keywords. Try to include keywords that are true to your local community and as long as your site is optimized you could get to that top ranking.

User reviews are another great way to get to the top of a local search. The better reviews you get the higher your ranking locally. Meaning those who utilize voice search will be more likely to find your brand.


How Do I Utilize Voice Search To My Advantage?


First, create specific articles that target long-tail keywords that your potential audience will search for. Research topics that your audience may search for and brainstorm different phrases that mimic natural search patterns. Moz’s Keyword Explorer tool is great to find high-volume keyword phrases.

Ensure you’re paying attention to the queries your audience is making and why. When writing your articles, do so in a natural voice. Instead of trying to fill your article with as many keywords as you can, write the article the same way you’d speak it. You’ll find that naturally you’re already optimizing for those key phrases your audience will search for. 

There’s no doubt that voice search is becoming a significant disruption to digital marketing. Like I said earlier, if you adapt now you can beat your competition to the finish line. While there is still room for voice search to grow, it will continue to do so. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest news so you can know how to utilize voice search in the future.