When it comes to marketing your brand, nothing is more essential than imagery. How you portray your brand through imagery can have a large effect on how your audience views you. With the plethora of devices available to us between computer screens, mobile devices, and other mediums, it’s important more now than ever to have the right imagery for your brand.

Think of imagery as a seventh sense for your business. When your audience sees you through these multimedia platforms, they can’t touch, smell, or taste your brand. They can only see what imagery you have which will take the place of these senses. Now’s the time to evaluate how you’re using imagery with your brand and whether it’s being effective.


Get Into The Mindset Of Your Audience

It’s difficult to see the forest through the trees. When you’re creating imagery for your brand. don’t analyze the content and strategy from a business perspective. YOUR business isn’t the one that’s going to BUY your products or services. Get into the mindset of your audience and think of yourself as a potential customer.

Ask yourself, what emotions are invoked by this imagery? How do you relate to this? Is it relatable? Does it make sense with the overall brand and the product/service being offered? Whether you realize it or not, your imagery will inspire feelings and emotions from your audience. They could feel a certain expectation from your brand or begin to relate with your brand.

You have to remember that the majority of people will first interact with your brand on some sort of multimedia platform. Whether that be social media, your website, a blog post, etc. your imagery needs to be fluid and consistent.


The Key To Successful Imagery In Branding

With the variety of tools available to create your own logo and brand imagery, it may appear simple to just do it yourself. However, there’s much more to getting imagery right than meets the eye. The amount of work that goes into creating effective logos and imagery is detailed and sophisticated, almost like a science.



This is created by the combination of colors and shapes you use in your content. You can utilize pre-existing symbolism that will help narrow your imagery to specific emotions and feelings.

Having a purpose for your imagery is crucial to ensure you’re going to get eyes on your brand. The purpose can be what the value is or showing something your auidence wants. Either way you need to determine what the purpose of the imagery is first.

Color is an extremely powerful element of your imagery in branding. Especially when it comes to social media. People are constantly scrolling through their feeds. What catches their attention? COLOR! It is the most memorable visual component of your image. The way you utilize color will also invoke vertain feelings from your audience.

Your imagery doesn’t need to be complex and extravagant. Sometimes the simplest of imagery can go a long way. You don’t want to clutter your image and confuse your audience with what they are looking at. Take our colors, symbolism, and purpose to create a simple visual statement that will tell your audience right away what your brand is about.

Have trust in your imagery and brand. It’s going to take time and effort to develop the right visuals and effectively gain from your content. Have patience and trust in your content and marketing strategy.