Website Security is an often overlooked component when building a website. The myth is, if you’re not processing payments or sensitive information through your website, you don’t need security. WRONG!

There are an estimated 30-40,000 websites hacked daily. These range everywhere from online stores to your grandmothers blog posts. Hackers are less concerned about the content on the website and more so the damage they can cause.

Do-it-yourself websites may have a basic level of security. However, you’re completed limited in the event you need to upgrade your security.

If you’re still skeptical and need more convincing towards having security on your website, we’ve provided more reasons for you below.

56% of all internet traffic is from an automated source such as bots, spammers, hacking tools, etc. Without adequate website security, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to these cyber attacks.
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Your Website Is An Investment, Why Wouldn’t You Secure It?


The fact of the matter is, the moment a customer does not feel secure on your website, you’ve lost them forever.

There are over 1.5 billion websites today. Without search engines, it would be impossible to directly find websites without knowing the exact URL address. This is why people heavily rely on search engines to find what they need online. If you’re not ranking high on search engines, your website investment isn’t paying off.

When you think of website security, you can think of it as an insurance plan for your investment. You have car insurance right? House insurance? Same thing! The majority of hacked websites are legitimate small businesses, unknowingly distributing malicious code. When your site is hacked, you’re added to different blacklists. This is preventing customers from reaching your website and being warned that visiting your site can be dangerous.

can i implement website security myself?


Yes, and, no. The first thing to determine when setting up website security is the platform your website is hosted/created on. Depending on the platform, there’s a variety of different ways to implement website security.

If you have a WordPress site, you’re at an advantage. There are many plugins in the WordPress repository that can provide your website with basic security against hackers and attacks. However, free security plugins only give you so much. There are crucial steps to take first to ensure your website is safe and secure. 


  • Use HTTPS Protocols

As we mentioned earlier, having a secure website with a valid SSL certificate is crucial. It will help in preventing attacks to your website and provide you with the credibility you need.


  • Frequent Software Updates

Software is constantly updating. Updates can happen due to bugs found once in production and also to fix security issues. Once a hacker has found a vulnerability in software, they can begin to compromise the users of said software. This is why it’s crucial to be on top of all your software updates to prevent attacks.


  • Password Management

This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me, it’s not! Ensuring your utilizing secure passwords on all platforms is crucial to your cyber security. Don’t use the same password for everything and make sure it’s complicated.


  • Back It Up

In the event your website has been hacked and there’s no immediate way to fix the issue, a website backup can be the key to saving everything. Make sure your taking constant backups of your website in the event something goes wrong. You can use these backups to restore your website to a previous state.

You have no website security and now your site is hacked.


If your site gets hacked and you have no website security, the cost can be crippling to get it fixed. Depending on the issue, it can cost you anywhere from $400-$1200, which can be crippling to a small business. Having website security ensures that you are protected from hackers and attacks. Keep in mind, you can still be hacked and attacked while having adequate website security. However, the chances of it happening are much less and when it does happen, the cleanup is much easier.

At the Brand Scrubbers, we believe you shouldn’t have to go bankrupt to fix your website. That’s why we offer low-cost maintenance and security options starting at $100/Month. If you’re worried about your website security, reach out to us for a complete audit of your website security with recommendations!