If someone were to ask you about the first thoughts that popped into your head when they suggested marketing for a business you’d probably consider social media, traditional TV, and print adverts. Maybe you’d even consider email marketing but did you know that Mobile Marketing is a great tool to advertise your business? It’s a tool that is majorly undervalued with great potential.

With data collected by “websitebuilder.org”, we can assess how best to use this technique and why we should use it in our marketing campaigns.

What is Mobile Marketing?

With 4 out of 5 people using their mobile to shop, businesses would be losing out on revenue and brand growth if they didn’t ensure they followed this trend.

Mobile Marketing can be used in a variety of ways. Traditional SMS messages that are delivered directly to a customer’s personal mobile phone can work wonders in boosting immediate responses.

Apps and optimised websites that allow customers to shop simply and easily has meant that B2C M-commerce has raked in an estimated $83.93 billion in the US market. It’s worth noting that 85% of users felt at ease with apps as opposed to mobile desktop.

Mobile Marketing is an umbrella title which also includes emails sent to a mobile account. These are a vital aspect of marketing as people open up to 69% of emails on their mobile with 69% of these being influenced to make a purchase.

Who Uses Mobile Marketing & Why?

Domino’s Pizza is a great example of SMS marketing. With an underlying operating profit of over £86 million, they must be doing something right. But how do they utilize the mobile marketing?

Timed messages. You’ve just got home from work, and you’re exhausted and hungry. A message with discounts or a special offer appears on your phone screen with a link that takes you directly to the website. With a few clicks, you can order food and drink without having to lift a saucepan or defrost anything.
They utilize holidays or events to advertise the brand. Dominos, as most fast food brands do, often advertise to sports fans. They have successfully created mobile marketing campaigns that supplied food to the vast Olympic watchers, as well as the Superbowl fans and increased revenue.

The Difficulty With Mobile Marketing

Mobile users are frivolous and require everything immediately. Lengthy loading times and long-winded processes are off-putting. For instance, if a website doesn’t load within 5 seconds then 18% of mobile users will abandon the site, with 30% not returning to the offending website if they have a bad experience, according to a 2013 study by Harris Interactive.

Even a 1-second delay can lead to a 7% decrease in conversions!