Mobile apps have been taking over our phones since the inception of smartphones. If you have a smartphone, chances are you have downloaded at least one app. Whether it be a game, something to help with productivity, social media, or to connect with your favorite brand. If you think mobile apps are just for big name brands like Walmart or Best Buy, you’re wrong. 

We’re seeing an increase in small and medium-sized businesses getting in on the mobile trend. Chances are your local pizza shop or craft store has a mobile app right now. It’s becoming increasingly easier and beneficial for business owners to develop a mobile app for their brand. Having an effective mobile strategy involves more than just having a mobile-friendly website now. Brands that are utilizing mobile apps are taking their marketing to the next level. 


Studies have shown that on average people spend more than two hours a day on their mobile device. Whether that’s using apps, browsing the web, or watching videos, having a mobile app on someones phone puts you at the forefront of their mind. Whether or not they use your app during that time, they still have to open/unlock their phone and find the app they’re looking for. While they’re doing this, they’re still seeing your brand and your app. 

This is planting seeds into the mind of your audience and remaining a constant reminder to them. Our minds unconsciously record every image and text we come across, even if it happens unnoticed. This means that when the time comes that they need what you offer, you’ll be first in mind. 


Having your own branded mobile app can greatly increase your brand awareness. A mobile app can be compared to having a blank billboard sign you can completely customize to your liking. You can make it anything you want! However, in order to be effective it needs to have features that your audience will love and be engaged with. This will get your customers more involved with your app and constantly checking back for updates. The more they’re involved with your app, the quicker they’re more inclined to buy your product or service. 

This is what is going to increase your customer loyalty. There’s so much noise out there between newspaper ads, flyers, ads on social media, email marketing, that traditional methods just aren’t going to cut it anymore. While still effective, you need to pursue other avenues to stay ahead of the curve. Mobile apps will create a sincere and loyal connection between your brand and your audience, making them loyal to your brand.

Not only will you build a loyal following, but you will get ahead of your competition. Chances are they’re still using those traditional methods. The mobile app space is growing, get in before your competition does.