This Kavanaugh thing has kicked up a lot of shit, and has people acting and saying things that continue to both surprise and appall me. Social media has given people an unhealthy level of anonymity. Folks think they can do, say and act however they want without consequence.

However, there are consequences, to more than just our personal image. This, like many other issues, presents sides and expects us to stand on them. Where I think we’re getting lost as a society is in what those sides truly are. You see, it was never about guilt, Kavanaugh, it was about character. Was Kavanuagh’s character that of someone who should serve in a lifetime position in the highest court of the United States of America?

Politics flipped the script on us. Suddenly it wasn’t about his character and ability to be an impartial judge. It was about a prominent MAN being accused by a WOMAN of sexual misconduct and whether or not her claims were valid. Instead of the concern being validated for what it was, the narrative was changed so that it became about a woman’s place in society versus the place of a man.


The Facts

These are the facts regarding the current situation. This is only the timeline as relevant to the idea that this should all be about character. (If you want the FULL timeline, from the 1980s, go here.)

  • July 2018: Ford reached out to the Post’s tip line as Kavanaugh’s name appeared on the shortlist to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. “Around the same time,” the Post said, Ford contacted her member of Congress, California Democratic Rep. Anna Eshoo.
  • July 9, 2018: President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.
  • Late July: Ford opted to contact California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein via a letter through Eshoo’s office. In the letter, Ford requests Feinstein keep the matter confidential.
  • Early August: On the advice of her attorney Debra Katz, Ford took a polygraph test. The Post said Katz provided the paper with the results of the test, which was administered by a former FBI agent. The results concluded Ford was truthful when she said a statement summarizing her allegations was accurate, according to the newspaper.

In truth, I think this is the most important thing to focus on. Ford approached with her concerns, privately, while there were still others in the running. She was attempting to bring to light concerns of character, not request prosecution. Ford did not want a media circus or even to be in the spotlight, she wanted to protect WOMEN.


The Farce

I hate to say it (I don’t…) but the BS part of this came directly of the USA government and the involvement of the media. Government and senate officials not following proper protocol, that ridiculous “public inquiry” that ended up holding no weight and only served to illustrate a lack competencies and the depths of ignorance of those in power.

It wasn’t Ford who pushed the political agenda, it was the damnable people she brought it to. She made every effort to be as accommodating as possible, while the other side of the coin didn’t. Ford, and the women of the world, needed this to be about character and his ability to serve that lifetime position. Because it’s been turned around, a narrow-minded, white male whose character was clearly displayed for an entire country to see, is on the threshold of destroying some very important rights for women. (Roe v. Wade).

That’s the power Trump has, you know. The ability to shift the dialogue so that he can manipulate the minds of the masses. Those middle-aged white women cheering behind him are clear proof of that brainwashing. And it didn’t start with Trump. Women have been dealing with brainwashing and conditioning our whole lives. (Men do too, which is what we are seeing now, and their conditioning will be as hard to change as ours.)

This farce, which is all I can call it now, is a political dog and pony show. It no longer has anything to do with the topic at hand, and as a result, it’s causing uprising.


The Fear

If this was supposed to be about character, how did we get here? FEAR. Plain and simple. A primal fear has been awakened simultaneously in many women. The women who fear, we fear because we know what this could mean for all of us. There are many women, and men, out there with stories like Ford who were already afraid to come forward. Now?

Fear is what they wanted, because fear can be used to control society. Not always does it work as expected, though it does often work. The reason so many WOMEN are for Trump currently is fear – fear that their bread-winning husbands could turn on them otherwise. Considering the majority of these women are Caucasian females, it can also be said they’re behind him to protect the idealistic white patriarchal society they are accustomed to.

Whether it’s fear of loosing income, fear of having a country taken over by a people of a different color, or fear that suddenly man faces the greatest risks of persecution for something that has always been status quo… the fear behind this situation is what will ultimately lead to it’s peak, and likely a drastic shift in society.


My Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Debacle

You’re probably thinking “what does she know, she’s Canadian? Why does she even care?”. Because it can impact us too. Even just in our local groups, the hate speech and narrow-minded comments are becoming more and more prevalent. Our own people, who are not under Trump, are starting to take up his ideals too. That’s fucking scary.

Uneducated, naive statements like “Boys will be boys” or “I’m playing devil’s advocate” or “Violence never solved anything” or “She might have thought some of this stuff up in her head” is showing up everywhere. It’s not limited to United States citizens… The danger of these statements is they support the status quo and in case you hadn’t noticed, that status quo is a big old pile of bullshit.

If you’re someone who believes the above statements to be true in any way, guess what, you’re part of the problem. That means that, yes, when you share your biased, uniformed narrative, those of us trying to affect change are going to balk. It’s debate, it’s healthy. You’re not being attacked, your outdated, conditioned ideals are. What if healthy debate and conversation doesn’t get anywhere?

I believe in equality for all, innocence until proven guilty, and the right to peaceful protest. I believe that peaceful solutions are always ideal but I’m not so naive to think that the world will change without violence. Am I an advocate for violence? No, I’m an advocate for change. History shows that’s the only way humans figure shit out. And even then? I mean, we saw something like this during Anita Hill and yet….

Oh yes, “society” would NEVER let another Hitler happen… and then the USA votes in Trump who is trying to prove he’s just that. OH NO, we don’t need VIOLENCE to change anything. That’s why the USA is such a PIOUS and PEACE LOVING nation right? That’s why there’s WORLD PEACE, right?

Get educated, learn, change your mind and then start changing others. The only other alternative is violence, so if you want peace and love, START CONTRIBUTING TO IT.