Is Your Website Being Impacted By Negative SEO?


What Is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO can occur in a number of ways. One of them is by directing hundreds of spammy links to your website. This causes backlinks to your website that Google looks at as spam. Therefore, decreasing your domain authority and overall search ranking. Negative SEO is a real threat to your brand and dealing with it can be quite tricky since some of it is our of your control.

Negative SEO attacks are generally in sites with competitive keywords and industries. These attackers spend hours and hours trying to find loopholes in the Google algorithm to try and take down a business’ SEO ranking. Most of the time these attackers are funded by competitors in your industry, therefore have a significant budget to have these attacks done. 

Unless you’ve received a manual-link based penalty from Google, you don’t have a huge amount of negative SEO. However if you’ve had, you should look at disvowing your negative SEO backlinks.


Disavow Negative SEO Backlinks

If you’ve noticed that you’re seeing an increase to your bounce rate or decrease in your rankings, it’s a good idea to check if you have negative SEO. There are many tools you can utilize online to scan and detect the backlinks to your site. Once you have determined your backlinks, go through them one by one to determine which links are credible and which are not.

Once you have the backlinks that are giving you negative SEO, you can use Google’s disavow tool to remove the backlinks to your site. Doing this will tell Google that you do not approve of these backlinks and it will then have a positive impact on your SEO. However, it does take some time before Google can conclude that your not part of the spamming practice.

It’s important to ensure you are constantly monitoring your backlinks. Now what negative SEO is having an impact on your business. Set aside some time weekly to check for negative backlinks and use whatever tools you need to and resolve it quickly.



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