Ah Hoy Hoy everyone! Hope everyone’s having a great day! I love bringing you new content that can provide you value. Have you ever strived to grab the brass ring? Getting a shot at the brass ring means to strive to the highest point and live life to the fullest. Do you know where the saying “Freeze The Balls off a Brass Monkey” comes from? Back in the day with sail ships and pirate fights, they used brass monkeys to hold cannon balls on ships. When it got really cold out the brass would contract, shooting the balls out of the cannon. Hence the term!

Be More and Do More

Grabbing the brass ring is a term most common in the wrestling and sports entertainment world. It’s about going forward and always giving it your best shot. As an entrepreneur, I feel we should always be reaching for that brass ring. If you’re not doing so then you may be too comfortable. Being too comfortable and staying in your comfort zone prevents growth and brings you backwards. We need to do more and be more. Never settle for just being mediocre. I encourage myself every single day, despite bad hair days, to strive for that brass ring.

What Does Grabbing the Brass Ring Look for You?

When you’re wanting to grab the brass ring you’re probably wondering what that looks like for you. Everybody is different, you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Myself, I’ve been working hard on building and strengthening my network. I’m finding more people to partner with and swap services with. This is part of me grabbing the brass ring because I’m looking for more people who want to get to that next level with me. Since I’ve started this my excitement has increased along with my growth.

We need to learn how to get outside of our comfort zone and reach that brass ring. Think of one thing you can do today that will make you more.