It appears that celebrities have some much weirder quirks than us regular folks, but is that just because they are more in the limelight, so we notice it more? One thing that seems to be pretty evident is that there are many celebrities with weird sleeping habits. There are lots of them who don’t go to bed in the evening and get recommended eight hours of sleep. There could be a number of reasons for this – maybe it’s a poor diet, or maybe they aren’t sleeping on the best mattress they can afford. It definitely pays to look through some mattress reviews if one is struggling with getting quality sleep. The main reason, however,  is definitely their super-busy lifestyle that unfortunately just comes with the job.

For busy and successful people, sleeping is a precious commodity

They simply get it as and when they can. You can find out more about some of the weirdest and wonderful habits by heading over to Celeb Jury. Let’s take a look at the bizarre sleeping habits of the world’s most well-known people!

  • Tom Cruise – Apparently, Tom Cruise has a big problem with snoring. In fact, it is so bad that he built a completely soundproof room where he sleeps. This means that his loud snores will bother no one but himself!
  • Winston Churchill – Even the prime minister needs to take a nap, it seems. Records tell that Winston Churchill used to have a two-hour nap just to get through his busy day! Every day at 5pm he would have a glass of whisky and then sleep for a while. He claimed that this allowed him to get a lot more work done during the day, and often he would stay up long into the night to deal with workload.
  • Mariah Carey – This certainly is a strange one. Mariah Carey is said to surround her bed with 20 humidifiers and needs to get around 15 hours of sleep every single night! She claims that she needs to get this amount of sleep in order to be able to sing her best.
  • Martha Stewart – As a very successful individual, she had to work very hard, but this meant that other parts of her life had to suffer, including how much sleep she got! It turns out that on average, she only managed to catch around four hours of sleep a night, so who knows how she was able to function properly.

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