A Hoy Everyone! I’d like to start this post by thanking my amazing team. Our website www.brandscrubbers.com looks beautiful and has great functionality.

However, it’s not perfect and that’s okay. F&%! perfect.

It’s difficult to not focus on making everything perfect. I look at myself as a perfectionist so practicing this skill is hard every time. I started to realize that it was preventing my growth and taking away my time. The amount of time I’d spend on the same thing when I didn’t need to was ridiculous. Not only was I wasting my time but also my energy.

Perfect doesn’t exist.

It’s not something that we should try to achieve because it’s not attainable. Trying to achieve perfection is like trying to breathe underwater, you can’t. We need to be striving to do our best in a situation and get the right message across. Always strive to move forward. Do more and be more. Don’t compare yourself to people that appear perfect. It’s more of an illusion of perfection that’s been hyped in our digital age of social media.
I’m one to flaunt my imperfections as a strength. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to people who claim to be perfect. These people only show what they want everyone to see. They don’t show their imperfections which in itself is one. We can’t expect everything to be perfect when life isn’t built that way.
Everyone else in the world has the same, if not worse, struggles than you do. Check out www.brandscrubbers.com and see if you can point out the imperfections. I LOVE feedback and would be happy if you’d give it a view.