When it comes to marketing content, it involves coming up with new ideas all the time. You need to continue to engage your audience and utilize your marketing content in a way that will continue to grow your brand. As you begin to create marketing content, where do you put all your great ideas?

Do you write them down on a sticky note?

Do you try your best to remember them for later?

If so, these are both ineffecient ways of organizing your marketing content ideas. These methods will lead to the idea getting “lost in the shuffle”. If you’re using sticky notes to write down your ideas, chances are you have 30 other sticky notes around your desk that are unrelated to each other. That’s not keeping your marketing content organized. 

Why You need to organize your marketing content


We get exposed to so much content in our life that inspire ideas for our own marketing content. It’s nearly impossible to keep a running list of all these ideas in your head or organize them on sticky notes. When you have an idea generally you’re trying to work out what the topic will be, the objective of the content, and a call-to-action.

Unless you have an eidetic memory, you can’t keep all that in your head. You need to determine which system works best for you to organize your marketing content. When devising a system there’s no single solution that works for everybody. It comes down to your preference and what will work best for you to be consistent in organizing your marketing content. Here’s some questions to ask yourself when trying to create a new system.

Who Will Contribute?

There are many tools out there and some are more valuable depending on how many people will be contributing to your marketing content. Whether it’s just you that will be creating it or a team of people, be sure to pick the system that works best for your needs. If you’re working with teams you may want to inquire on permission levels for content or perhaps a task management solution. 

When and How Much Detail Do You Want To Organize?

Think about when it’s most common for you to have ideas. Is it when you’re home relaxing? Is it when you’re out-and-about? This matters because you may want to ensure your system incorporates remote/mobile capabilities. That way if you’re out a lot, you don’t have to go outside of your system to organize your ideas. The more detail you want to include also means you’ll need a system with more structure and specialization. This will make the process easier and more likely for you to follow. 

integrating tools 

Integrating your tools and systems together will make for a much more organized and productive system. When starting to organize your marketing content try and find a system that will integrate with what you currently have. This will make the process easier and more engaging to organize your marketing content. 


organizational tools for content marketing


Find the tools that work best for you. Some people are more visual when it comes to organizing their ideas. If you’re more of a visual person, whiteboards are basic but effective. You can get them in a variety of sizes depending on how much data you want to have on it at once. They’re also very inexpensive if you’re a small business on a budget.

Whiteboards are effective for content marketing ideas because they’re right in your face for most of your day, forcing you to think about them.

The drawbacks are their limited space and lack of online capabilities. If you have a remote team it’ll be quite difficult for them to be able to contribute or view a whiteboard (without having a livestream on it of course). This would work best for solopreneurs or in-house teams. Where you’re all able to brainstorm together and have ideas front of mind.

It’s also best if you’re tracking minimal information on your ideas since you can only fit so much at once.

Alternatively you can use spreadsheets and online services such as Trello.

Whichever tool you decide to use just make sure it is a fit for your business needs. Do your research and trial and error on what works best for you. Sometimes it takes different avenues of organizational tools and trying different techniques until you find the one that fits right for your team. Nothing’s worse than ignoring lack of systems to organize your content marketing. You’ll end up with plenty of great ideas that you just end up forgetting about later.