If You Don’t Have A Facebook Business Page – Get One

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is more important than ever. If you’re business doesn’t have one, you’re losing out on potential customers. Creating a Facebook business page is a way to grow your online presence, brand awareness, and reach potential customers.

Facebook had over 1.86 Billion Users as of April 2017. Imagine what the number is now. Where else do you have the opportunity to reach so many people and have that much potential exposure for free? Nowhere!

Think about that for a moment. Think about the times you have spent money on advertising. What did you pay for the ability to touch how many people?

That alone should have everyone wanting their own business page. That is, if you are serious about reaching the people who care about what you sell.

A Facebook Business Page Lets You Learn About Your Audience

Having a presence on Facebook and interacting with your audience will allow your audience to get to know you. Pair that with their audience insights and now YOU get to know your audience much more. You’ll be able to find trends in what engages your audience the most and what tactics you should use to increase your audience.

People buy from those they trust. They trust those they know. Let them know you, the real you. Be active on your own page, even if somebody else is managing it for you. Reply to comments, start conversations when it feels right and mingle with your fans. Reply to messages and share those little glimpses into your personal life; Allow your own personality shine.

Just be sure that what you are sharing is REAL. Don’t even bother trying to be anyone other than yourself. It will eventually all implode on you. Besides, isn’t it so much easier to simply be who you are, than it is to create a “better” public person and then keep it up? Your time and energy are so much better spent in other areas.

If the real you isn’t someone you are proud of, clean up the areas of your life that bother you, then proceed. You certainly don’t need to be perfect to be authentic though. In fact, humans recognize, understand, and CONNECT with imperfections and therefore lends to your authentic self-image. So don’t hide out on the sidelines waiting until you feel “good” enough to make your presence known.

The point is, Facebook gives you an ideal environment to not only find your audience by just being you, but get to know them; Not just through statistics, but also, one-on-one. You will develop a feel for what they need, what motivates them, what turns them off. You can find that offer or product that they cannot resist, because it so perfectly fulfills their needs. If you are smart you can then focus on giving them exactly that and over-deliver.

Be real. Be Genuine.

Your Facebook Business Page is a way to establish a deeper connection with your audience. Having a professional Facebook business page will give you the power to pursue more of an audience.