How often do you put off doing tasks you don’t want to do?
If it’s more often than you care to admit, you are not alone. Procrastination affects most of us in some way, at least from time to time. It takes self-discipline to convince yourself do the things you dislike. For some, it doesn’t come naturally. It can be a never ending battle.
As an entrepreneur, few things are more important to success than conquering procrastination. You don’t have a boss to push you, or enforce consequences for procrastinating. Therefore, you must create your own motivation. That includes being able to get tough with yourself when you need it.
Success depends on it and we’ve got Sassy Solutions for dealing with procrastination. We hope they help you conquer putting things off – starting today!

The first step to overcoming procrastination is to look at WHY you do it.

There are a large number of reasons people put things off. One person may be a chronic procrastinator because of a lack of confidence. For another, it could be a passive aggressive move. Some procrastinate to self-sabotage. To further complicate things, there are some who don’t even realize they procrastinate. They’ve subconsciously bought their own excuses.
It is important to try and understand the root cause of procrastination. We are going to share our tips for overcoming the temptation to procrastinate. However, if you don’t discover and deal with the root cause, the battle will never end. It is time well spent to search your heart about why you habitually delay action.
For example, in my case, I survived half a lifetime of extreme verbal and psychological abuse. When I find myself delaying action on something, most of the time, I find the root cause is a lack of confidence. It comes from years of being told how worthless I am. Since I understand that is a large part of why I struggle, I can take steps to address that root issue. All while I get tough with myself to start developing better habits.
Likewise, spend some time pondering why you tend to procrastinate, and in what areas. Work on the inner issues, while applying our solutions for kicking your own rear into gear.

Sassy Solution #1: Schedule It

Sometimes scheduling the task you are putting off is enough to get you over the hurdle and onto doing the task. You might need to use some angry red ink to let yourself know you mean business, but often, that’s all it takes. There are times the root problem isn’t a deep issue, but simply a matter of making the time. Schedule the task, and then do it.

Sassy Solution #2: Break It Down

It’s easy to put off a task when it is big and scary. Breaking it down into bite-sized chunks can reduce overwhelm. It gives you steps that are not as overwhelming as the big picture is. Then it is a matter of scheduling and tending to those smaller, individual tasks.

Sassy Solution #3: Use Deadlines and a Reward System

If the task you are procrastinating on doesn’t have a natural deadline, you need to create one. It’s too easy to keep pushing those items back another day… or another week. If you don’t set a deadline for yourself and enforce it, it may not get done.
The best part? When you meet that deadline, you should have an appropriate reward ready to go for a job well done.

Sassy Solution #4: Get an Accountability Partner

If you find you are still putting things off, an accountability partner might be what you need. Knowing that somebody else is going to call on you to account for procrastinating is often motivation enough. It will help you to stay on track with your goals and be more productive.

You CAN overcome procrastination if you never give up.

The only way to fail is to quit trying. All progress counts, so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t a productivity ninja overnight. Instead, keep pushing forward. Tackle one area at a time. Try different approaches until you find what motivates you best.
Remember to work on developing some self awareness about why you tend to delay action. Work on that root issue. If your problem is a lack of confidence, take definite steps to instill more of it. Use affirmations, spend time with those who see your worth and say so. Look at all the many things you have been successful at. Look at all you have to gain by overcoming in that area and determine to never quit fighting the good fight to be a better you.
We would love to hear about your experiences in this area. How do YOU deal with procrastination in your life? If you could only share one tip on overcoming procrastination, what would it be?
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