Ah Hoy Hoy! Today we’re going to be talking about how every experience has value. I know there’s several experiences a lot of us wish we didn’t have, myself included. However, whether the experience was good or bad it’s still beneficial to you and your overall goal.  

Bring Value to your Experiences. Whether Good or Bad.

Experiences can be both good and bad. They can be positive or negative. There’s a variety of things an experience can be. These experiences shape and create the people that we have become. They each have their own purpose and shape that unique person you are. Knowing that experiences shape us and the more experiences you have will shape how you become. The absence of experiences can also shape who we are.

Don’t Become your Worst Enemy

Not having bad experiences and learning lessons could be something worse than actually going through the bad experiences. Many people get in a rut. We can let ourselves be our worst enemy and biggest critic. The feelings you have around those bad experiences can be changed to benefit your end goal. We should look at our experiences as the tools that will shape the person we become. This is something I do that helps me get through every day. I fight against social anxiety daily because I can learn to go outside and have different experiences. Having all these experiences gives you new and different perspectives.

Focus on the Positive Find the Value

Look for the positive you’re going to get out of the experience. Expect the worst to happen but be prepared. Your mindset will start to shift towards being more open to new experiences. People who have lived and experienced both the good and bad of the spectrum live more richly. They’re able to do more, feel more, and be more because they’re not concern about their experience being a happy experience. As soon as you remove yourself as a barrier your mindset shifts and brings you to achieving those amazing goals you’ve set out for