Success is a very broad term. There are so many ways to measure success. How do you know which one is right for you? There are many notions out there that we can misconceive as the right ones for us. I’m going to share with you the most common measurements people use. Because they’re so common it can be misleading to some of us which one we should go with.  

Success or Vanity Metrics?

Striving for popularity has been instilled in us since childhood. We never wanted to be the last one picked in softball. We always wanted to be at all the fun slumber parties. It’s almost ingrained in us to determine our value based on our popularity. This easily translates to us today with social media. We boast about the number of followers we have or the number of likes our post got. These are called vanity metrics. While there can be value in these metrics it’s not the focal point of your success.
You need to properly measure how your social media is performing. You want to ask yourself these kinds of questions when measuring social media performance.  
  • How many of your leads came from social media vs. other sources?
  • How much traffic is your website receiving from social media?
  • What kind of actions did people take on your posts or page?
  • If you received increased engagement did this lead to new business or growth?
  • Did your overall revenue increase with your social media?
This will give you a bigger picture of how much social media is really contributing to your success. It’s important to ensure your social media reflects you or your brand. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Create a plan that makes sense for you.  

Burning the Midnight Oil for Success

It’s commonly misconceived that those who work longer are more successful. Whether you own a business or work a 9-5. You may have felt guilty at one time just leaving work on time. Most people see leaving work on time as someone who isn’t passionate about what they’re doing. This isn’t necessarily the case. Chances are you spent your day being efficient and productive.
Working longer hours can lead to less sleep. Sleep deprivation will have a negative effect on your performance. This leads you to being less productive and less efficient. It’s a vicious cycle that could put you on the path to living your job. You need to have an effective work/life balance
Do you find yourself working late every day? Most likely it’s time for a change in behavior. Work smarter, not harder.   It’s wise to check how much you are getting done during the overtime hours. Than gauge if the fatigue associated with that effort is keeping you on track for success or if it is hindering you.  

Success of the Bank Account

Money is the driven force of our lives. We can’t eat without money. You can’t go on that nice vacation without money. Some people also think we can’t be successful without money. Money is not the only thing you should define your success by. Money can’t buy happiness. Although it may allow you to buy all the pretty trinkets and fast toys, you could still end up not being happy.
We think of our families when it comes to money. We all want to be able to give our children post-secondary education. We want to give them everything they’ll need to be successful, with money. Does this mean that money is defining our success? Or are you defining your success by the legacy you leave? Don’t prioritize money over your family. Keep your family close because they will be the ones to help you figure out your success.
The famous saying goes “More Money, More Problems”. While you may be seeing new opportunities with the money you earned, it can bring you more problems than solutions. It’s important to have control over your money. This doesn’t necessarily mean to be frugal or penny-pinching. Understand the path you want to be on and keep your focus on your growth.    

It’s important to find the measurement of success that best defines you.

While some of the above may work for you, they don’t work for everyone. Understanding what it is that you want and where your endpoint is the first step.Rember to never compare what you are doing with something someone else is. Find the value in what you do, look at how you positively impact others. Learn from those around you and take in their encouragement. This will give you the enlightenment and focus you need to get to your success.