Looking for the best Product Recommendation plugins for your WooCommerce store?

Product Recommendation is a powerful tool that will help you increase sales and the average order value on your website. You can promote upselling, cross-selling, and show related products to your customers to push them to spend more on your store site.  

In this article, we have listed the 10 best Product Recommendation Plugins for your WooCommerce store. If you aren’t familiar with the term “Product Recommendation,” let’s begin with that.

What is Product Recommendation?

Product Recommendation is a marketing strategy used by businesses and eCommerce store owners to suggest products to customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and behavior. It is commonly used in eCommerce businesses, where various tools are used to analyze user data to auto-recommend products.

The concept underlying product recommendations is to encourage users to increase their spending on your website by offering additional value beyond their current purchase. Strategies such as providing free shipping, discounts, and cashback can be employed to persuade customers to spend more.

Now, let’s see what are the major benefits of having a product recommendation system on your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of Product Recommendation in WooCommerce

The following are some of the major benefits of WooCommerce Product Recommendations:

Offer a personalized shopping experience: You can provide your customers with a personalized shopping experience by recommending products based on their behavior and purchase history.

Increase sales and conversions: You can increase the sales and conversions on your store by suggesting relevant products to customers that offer great value when purchased together.

Enhance customer engagement: When you recommend products to customers, they are likely to spend more time on your website to explore the products. This will increase customer engagement and traffic to your website.

Cross-selling and Upselling opportunities: Product Recommendation is an ideal way to promote cross-sells and upsells on your website. For example, you can suggest a pair of socks to a customer who is purchasing a pair of shoes from your store site.

Reduced Decision Fatigue: With the abundance of products available online, customers often face decision fatigue when trying to find the right item. Product recommendation systems simplify the shopping process by narrowing choices and presenting customers with curated options, reducing decision-making stress and improving the overall shopping experience.

10 Best Product Recommendation Plugins for WooCommerce

  1. WooCommerce Product Recommendations

Developed by: WebToffee

This is an all-in-one product recommendation plugin for WooCommerce websites. It lets you show product recommendations as upsells, cross-sells, best sellers, frequently bought together, etc. There are a lot of built-in templates available with this plugin for different product recommendations.

You have the flexibility to showcase product recommendations in either a grid or slider format. Additionally, you can customize various aspects, such as the number of products displayed per view, title color, and more. The plugin offers support for multiple product sorting options, allowing you to arrange products based on popularity, rating, price, release date, or in a random order.

With this plugin, you can recommend different product types, including simple, grouped, variable, subscription, and external/affiliated products. You can also set it to hide the out-of-stock products from being displayed in the product recommendation list.

The plugin allows you to create custom product recommendations using advanced filters and customization options. You can choose the products to recommend, the location to display the products, and specify when to show the recommendations.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Choose what, where, and when to recommend the products
  • Built-in templates
  • Custom recommendations
  • Multiple product type support
  • Extensive product sorting options
  • Hide out-of-stock products

  1. Product Recommendations

Developed by: WooCommerce

This is one of the most popular product recommendation plugin available now. The plugin is developed by WooCommerce itself, and that makes it popular in the WooCommerce niche.

With this plugin, you can easily add upsells and cross-sells to each category or product page instead of manually adding them. You can apply filters based on categories, attributes, tags, or prices to narrow down the selection of products.

You can also use amplifiers to prioritize specific results based on factors like popularity, rating, creation date, conversion rate, or more advanced criteria.

If you want to recommend products specifically from the currently viewed category or brand, you can easily do that too. You can even limit the recommendations to products that are more expensive than the currently viewed product.

The plugin provides the flexibility to deploy context-aware recommendations relevant to the customers, all in a faster and more efficient manner. You can make relevant product recommendations by displaying recently viewed products on the checkout page or order completion page. This will increase the chance of conversion.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Promote upsells and cross-sells
  • Show frequently bought-together recommendations
  • Intelligent product recommendations
  • Create custom rules for recommendations

  1. WooCommerce Best Sellers

Developed by: WebToffee

This WooCommerce best seller plugin lets you display best seller products on your store site. You can promote your top-selling products using labels, sliders, and custom best seller seals. The plugin enables you to show the ranking position of products based on sales.

The plugin offers the flexibility to select best sellers based on either the total sales count or sales within a specific period. Whether you have simple products or variable products, both can be included in the best-sellers list. Furthermore, you have the option to determine the number of products to be displayed as best sellers based on the total product count.

Additionally, you have different customization options for the best seller slider and specify the number of products to be displayed in a single view. The plugin allows you to display a custom best seller logo on the product page.

Key features of this plugin: 

  • Highlight best seller products
  • Create best seller page
  • Show best seller rankings
  • Display custom best seller seal


  1. Recommendation Engine

Developed by: Element Stark

The Recommendation Engine enables you to implement personalized product recommendations inspired by the likes of Netflix and Amazon. With this plugin, you can effortlessly offer your customers tailored suggestions that enhance their shopping experience.

By leveraging user view history, purchase history, and frequently purchased together patterns, the Recommendation Engine automatically generates intelligent product recommendations. This feature allows you to tap into the potential of cross-selling and upselling, as well as increasing customer engagement and boosting sales.

With Recommendation Engine, your customers will enjoy a seamless browsing experience as they discover relevant products they may have otherwise missed. By presenting them with personalized suggestions, you can encourage them to explore and purchase additional items from your store, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Different types of product recommendations
  • Netflix and Amazon-inspired recommendations
  • Automate personalized suggestions

  1. Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

Developed by: WebToffee

This WordPress recommendation plugin will let you show frequently bought together product recommendations on your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can automatically generate product recommendations based on the purchase history.

You can show frequently bought together product recommendations using various layouts such as tables, lists, or galleries. This helps attract more sales by suggesting complementary items to customers. You can encourage customers to purchase the FBT bundle by providing percentage or fixed cart discounts. This incentivizes them to buy the recommended products together.

The plugin gives the flexibility to add custom products to the recommendation list or use existing suggestions from upsells, cross-sells, or related products. This allows you to curate the recommendations based on your specific needs.

You can choose to disable the WooCommerce product recommendations section on specific product pages. This can be done individually or in bulk using the bulk action feature, giving you control over where the recommendations appear.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Automated product recommendations
  • Multiple product recommendation layouts
  • Use upsells, cross-sells, & related products
  • Manually create bought-together list

  1. WooCommerce Products Compare

Developed by: Themesquad

With this WooCommerce Product Compare plugin, you will be able to show product recommendations as compare list. You can let your customers compare the features and specifications of different products. This will increase the shopping experience in your store as it will enable your customers to make an informed decision.

The plugin will show a detailed comparison table of the products your customers added to the compare list. This includes a detailed compare chart showing information about price, ratings, stock level, and descriptions.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Product comparison table
  • Let customers choose the products to compare
  • Detailed comparison chart
  1. Related Products for WooCommerce

Developed by: WebToffee

The Related Products for WooCommerce plugin lets you show product recommendations as related products. With this plugin, you have the flexibility to handpick the products that you want to showcase as related items, ensuring they are relevant to your customers’ interests.

You can easily set up related products for your entire store based on categories, tags, or other criteria. This helps you create cohesive and tailored product suggestions across your entire product range.

The plugin lets you exclude selected categories from appearing as related products, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Additionally, you can exclude out-of-stock products from being displayed as related items, keeping your recommendations up to date.

This plugin lets you relate products based on subcategories using a filter. This fine-grained control allows for precise product associations and enhances the accuracy of your related product recommendations.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Set custom related products
  • Set up related products for individual products
  • Set up related products for the entire store
  • Exclude categories and out-of-stock products
  • Display related products on any page using shortcode

  1. Product Bundles

Developed by: WooCommerce

The Product Bundles plugin lets you create product recommendation bundles for your WooCommerce store. You can offer personalized WooCommerce bundle suggestions to your customers.

With this plugin, you can show frequently bought together recommendations to increase the average order value on your store site. The plugin supports physical, virtual, and downloadable products for creating product bundles.

You can show bundle recommendations for simple, variable, and subscription products and recommend optional items to customers. The plugin lets you offer bulk discounts on the bundle recommendations, giving your customers more value.

Additionally, you can view detailed analytics for the revenue generated by the bundles. You will be notified when products in the bundle run low in stock, which enables you to restock the products as soon as possible.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Create bundles for physical, virtual, and downloadable products
  • Offer bulk discounts for bundles
  • View detailed revenue analytics
  • Low-stock alerts for bundled products

  1.  One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

Developed by: Plugify

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce allows merchants to create unlimited upsell funnels with ease. With this plugin, you can strategically display specific products or categories as upsells on the cart and checkout pages, maximizing your sales potential. 

The plugin lets you create unlimited upsell funnels using customizable rules. Tailor the upsell offers to suit your business objectives and customer preferences. You can showcase upsell products in an eye-catching slider format. This visually appealing presentation captures customers’ attention and entices them to explore additional offerings.

With this plugin, you can set up conditions to display upsell products based on various factors, including user roles, subtotals, totals, items in the cart, coupon codes used, and specific products and categories. This allows for highly targeted and personalized upsell recommendations.

You can offer various discount types, such as fixed amounts, percentages, or discounted prices, to upsell products. Customers can easily add upsell products to their carts directly from the cart and checkout pages. They can also specify the desired order quantity, subject to any limits set by the merchant. Additionally, customers have the ability to remove added products from the checkout pages if needed.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Create unlimited upsell funnels
  • Offer attractive discounts
  • Display upsell products in sliders
  • Set up conditions for upsell products

  1. Frequently Bought Together

Developed by: Premmerce

This Frequently Bought Together plugin lets you add up-sells, cross-sells, and custom product bundles to their product page. With this plugin, you can easily create bulk upsells for products within a category, simplifying the process of boosting sales. Additionally, you have the ability to disable or enable bundles without fully removing them from your store, providing flexibility in managing your offerings.

The plugin allows you to customize the “Frequently Bought Together” widget on the product page. You can change the position of the widget on the product page and change the UI styles and titles of the widget.

You have the flexibility to manually add related products to individual products or utilize category rules for automatic recommendations. This easy management feature allows you to effortlessly enhance product associations and optimize upselling opportunities.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Display frequently bought together widget
  • Customize the layout and text of the widget
  • Manually add products as related products


Product recommendation is an effective way to increase sales on your eCommerce website. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, enhance customer engagement, or streamline your upselling strategies, these plugins have got you covered.

By leveraging these top-notch plugins, you can create dynamic upsell funnels, display frequently bought-together items, and offer personalized product suggestions, all tailored to meet your specific business goals. Empower your store with the ability to offer targeted recommendations, boost conversions, and provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.