As an Amazon seller, the thought of having your product stolen from you by competitors has probably nagged at your mind. If not, then you should undoubtedly consider the genuine possibility that your product might be subject to counterfeiting attempts and other downright dirty tactics courtesy of the competition. As sellers ourselves, we can say that we’ve all been there.

Good news: Amazon has already anticipated this and has been honing and the ultimate shield against these cheap shots. And it is none other than its Transparency Program, which even the Egyptian Gods depicted in the slot game Book of Anubis will undoubtedly approve. In this post, we’ll be explaining how you can make the most out of the said program by capitalizing on serial codes.

How Amazon’s Transparency Program Aids Brand Protection

Time and time again, serial codes have proven their worth in protecting items, even digital ones, by making them unique. Amazon harnesses this time-tested technique through its Transparency Program. 

Transparency protections guarantee brands that their items will always stand out from any fake or knock-off products that try to mimic them completely. Besides assigning serial numbers, the product will also be tied to its own scannable QR code. This unique Transparency barcode will, in turn, be immediately scanned by Amazon prior to shipping to check whether the product is genuine or not.

And what’s even better is the fact that there is an actual, dedicated Transparency app, which owners can freely use to enjoy the said benefits. No less than 100% product authenticity is therefore kept intact, safe, and secure. Think we’re exaggerating? Well, you only need to look at the satisfactory feedback that the program has gotten as well as its other benefits to getting all the proofs you need.

Highlighting the Benefits of the Transparency Program

  • The protection is all-encompassing regardless of the e-commerce platform you’re using.


If you thought the Transparency label only works in Amazon, think again! Once the serial number protection is in place, it’s tied to your product for good unless you choose to remove it. So if you also plan to sell on Shopify or eBay, then you can bet all your money that you won’t have to perform any additional steps to enjoy the same protection on those platforms. 

Even brick-and-mortar stores are no exception. Like the 5 Euro Casino, you can expect this program to pull no punches when delivering its main advantage. 

  • Maintains customers’ trust and high regard for your brand.


You wouldn’t want your customers to gain the impression that your products have gone down in value just because a rogue seller tried to copy them, would you? The simple truth is your brand’s integrity should never be compromised as it serves as its lifeblood. 

With this level of protection, you not only ensure your time and efforts won’t go to waste but gain plenty of opportunities to grow your brand’s reputation without fear of getting it tarnished by any unethical seller out there. Imagine joining the ranks of well-known brands like Apple, Nike, Samsung, and other household names. Think it’s impossible? Not with the Transparency program. 

  • Your customers can perform verifications themselves through the app. 

Just by downloading and installing the app, your customers will also be able to check the authenticity of the product that will be delivered to them. Since the protection applies to any kind of store your product was bought from, you can rest assured that the verification will always reveal each one’s detailed information to the customer. They only need to scan the Transparency code with their smartphone to do so. 

Requirements for Transparency Program Eligibility

Should you be interested in using Transparency, be mindful of the following requirements:

  1. The products should be registered at Amazon’s Brand Registry. This should be fairly easy to do, and feel free to use the plethora of guides already available as a reference for smooth registration.
  2. You should also be prepared to provide proof of ownership of the products, assuming Amazon deems your registration insufficient evidence. 
  3. Be sure to show your GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) as well. These are also called UPCs, and if you aren’t familiar with them yet, then it’s high time to learn more about the integral role they play for your business. 
  4. Also, currently, only a handful of countries are included in the program. You should be a seller residing in any of them, namely the US, France, Canada, Italy, the UK, Germany, Spain, and India, to be considered eligible.
  5. Provide proof that you are an FBM seller. Any product you choose to tie with Transparency should be verified with its associated code. 
  6. That said, you should also be willing to attach the Transparency code to every one of your products. This requirement extends to the label found on the packaging. This is admittedly a lengthy process if you have a large inventory and will need manual work to ensure the correct code is affixed. 

How Much Does Joining the Program Cost?

Transparency cost is highly variable as it is often based on product volume. The more units you label, the cheaper the rate. Anything below 1 million costs $0.05 per code. 1 million to 10 million reduces this $0.03, while anything above enjoys the cheapest at $0.01. 

Take note that this does not include the expenses you will incur when labeling the products. It’s best to perform a few calculations to determine whether these costs are worth it or not based on your volume and intended budget. 


Taken as a whole, Amazon’s Transparency Program appears simple yet obviously very effective. Every code guarantees a lasting protective layer that brands can always rely on every time their products get sold on numerous platforms. 

That alone merits the said solution’s invaluable advantages. It nourishes peace of mind for sellers, and that’s undoubtedly something a lot of us would always gladly welcome with open arms. 

Author’s Bio:

Thomas Glare is a freelance blogger and an online marketer. He writes to help web owners and online businesses to establish themselves on the internet. Thomas provides useful information for beginners and existing website owners to help them have a strong online presence and attract more traffic to their sites.