WooCommerce is a popular open-source platform to create an eCommerce store. As you are here, you may know that eCommerce is a highly competitive industry. To stand out in the crowd, you need to provide additional functionalities to your customers.

In this post, you will find the best WooCommerce plugins to leverage your online store and drive sales effectively. 

Let’s dive in. 

Best WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores 2023

In the below section, you will get to see the top plugins for WooCommerce that most store owners prefer to build for their online stores. 

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a popular Google Analytics plugin for your WooCommerce websites. The plugin provides insight into user behavior on your website. You can easily track user activity and create strategies to convert visitors to customers effortlessly. The plugin helps you to make data-driven decisions to grow your online business. 

This plugin comes with an analytics dashboard that shows reports of your site’s performance. With the custom report, you can eliminate the excessive data and shortlist stats that matter and find what’s not working on your site easily. 

Key Features:

  • Set up Google Analytics in a few minutes – easy to use
  • Plugin’s updated with all new analytics features like Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Generate multiple reports like demographics, user behavior, and more
  • eCommerce report shows stats on average order value, conversion rate, and more 

Price: Starts from $99.50/year.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is one complete solution for managing Customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, leading generation – sales, and more. The plugin lets you create live chatbots, and forms, create email marketing campaigns, and so on. It helps to understand your customer in all aspects and track every single interaction. 

The plugin lets you build an automated email marketing campaign in a minute. It will help to create professional emails and send them to your respective user contact databases. Not only that you can also create forms, popups, chatbots, and analytics to track your campaign performance.  

Key Features:

  • Build effective sales pipelines for online stores
  • Manage lead generations without any hassle
  • 20+ pre-designed templates for emails are available 
  • Create multiple custom forms & popups 

Price: Starts from $800/month.



3. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Smart Coupon is a powerful advanced coupon generator plugin that allows the store owner to create multiple offers like BOGO, conditional-discount coupons, store credits, abandoned cart coupons, free shipping, order history-based coupons, sign-up coupons and more. The plugin also lets you create bulk coupons for your WooCommerce store. 

You can create coupon banners with a specific countdown timer on any page. It helps to increase sales of your eCommerce store. The plugin also comes with a separate coupon page that allows customers to view the existing, expired, and used coupons from online stores. 

Key Features:

  • Customers can email store credit or gift coupons directly to their buddies 
  • Create auto-apply coupons for your online store 
  • Import coupons from CSV files into the WooCommerce store  
  • Customize the coupon layout with a vivid color palette

Price: Starts from $69/year. 

4. All-in-One SEO

All-in-One SEO is the best plugin to manage SEO for your WooCommerce website. The smart SEO setup wizard helps you to configure all necessary features like sitemaps, SEO meta titles & descriptions, SEO keywords, SEO Search Console, social media integrations, schema markup, and more in a short duration.  

The TruSEO score provides you insight into SEO analysis and a checklist to optimize your site. It helps to drive more organic traffic to your WooCommerce store easily. This analysis gives you knowledge on how to improve the website content from the point of SEO. 

Key Features:

  • Link assistant to guide you for website internal linking 
  • Advanced redirection manager to handle 302 redirects, 404 redirects & more
  • Local SEO modules improve the domestic business  
  • Configure mobile optimization using Google AMP SEO

Price: Starts from $49.60/year.

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a powerful popup builder and marketing management tool to convert abandoning website visitors to potential customers with ease. The plugin allows you to create attractive popup campaigns like email subscription forms, announcement bars, gamified – spin a wheel forms, and more. This plugin helps you to drive sales, increase subscribers, and more. 

The smart targeting features will let the store owner display the right message to users at the right time. It improves the user experience of your WooCommerce site. The plugin provides flexible popups that fit into the site on any device, like mobile, desktop, or tablet.  

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop builder to create any popups in a minute 
  • Multiple pre-built pop-up templates are available 
  • Create exit intend popups for the WooCommerce store 
  • Custom popup to target users based on past behavior 

Price: Starts from $9/month. 


6. WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Cards

WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin is a great tool for creating unlimited gift cards for your online store. You can make beautiful custom gift cards & sell them on the WooCommerce store. The customer can redeem and share the gift cards with their friends via email. The plugin provides an option for customers to schedule a specific date to send their emails.

It consists of 20+ pre-defined gift card templates based on different categories. The store owner can customize the layout of gift cards and make them more appealing to customers. The plugin also has a feature to add a print button to email that allows customers to download the virtual gift card or print the card directly. 

Key Features:

  • Provide refunds to store credit instantly
  • From the dashboard, manage the user’s credit balance   
  • Create usage restrictions for gift cards based on category, products, or more
  • Allows customers to choose a custom amount for gift card 

Price: Starts from $99/year.

7. RafflePress

RafflePress is a great tool for creating and conducting captivating giveaways or contests in the WooCommerce store. The plugin lets you choose the template to create viral giveaways or contests quickly. It allows users to provide email addresses to participate, and they get incentivized to share giveaways in other channels. This will help to boost engagement and sales of the WooCommerce store. 

The plugin creates responsive giveaways that look great on any device. The plugin lets you reward your users for joining your Facebook or Twitter, watching a video, or any other actions. You can verify these actions using API whenever necessary to get high social media followers. 

Key Features:

  • Custom referral link for users to share on social media 
  • Use custom CSS to personalize your giveaways 
  • Make SEO-friendly giveaways or contests for the online store 
  • Compatible with email marketing tools like MailChimp, Drip, or more 

Price: Starts from $39.50/year. 


8. TrustPulse


TrustPulse is the best FOMO generator WordPress plugin that helps store owner to display social proof effectively for visitors and convert them into valuable customers. To make use of this plugin, you need to have an account with TrustPulse to proceed. This plugin helps to boost sales, increase email sign-up or subscribers, and more. 

The plugin allows you to create beautiful popups to showcase social proof notifications for visitors. You can customize the notification message and change colors or image that suits your website layout. Using this plugin, you can stream the live action of customers’ purchases, email sign-ups, membership registration, and more. 

Key Features:

  • On-fire displays the number of people taking action on your WooCommerce site 
  • Advanced targeting shows notifications to the right user at an ideal time 
  • Analytics to track and measure the social proof views and their conversion 
  • Real-time event tracking to show visitor’s current actions on the website  

Price: Starts from $60/year. 

9. URL Coupons for WooCommerce

URL Coupons for WooCommerce plugin allow the store owner to create custom and unique coupon URLs for customers. You can create one-click auto-apply coupons that will add the respective product to the cart or applies a discount when the user clicks on it. You can also determine the redirection to specific pages like the cart page, checkout page, or more. 

The best part is that the plugin comes with an exclusive feature like a QR code generator. To apply a coupon, the user or customer needs to scan the specific QR code. This will take your online store to the next level. It grabs users’ attention and encourages shoppers to purchase more from your WooCommerce store. 

Key Features:

  • Create downloadable or printable QR code coupons 
  • Redirect customers to a custom page after clicking on the coupon URL 
  • Generate product-based URL coupons 
  • Compatible with WPML plugin, default WooCommerce coupons & more

Price: Starts from $49/year. 

10. Google Listings & Ads by WooCommerce

Google Listings & Ads by WooCommerce is a powerful tool to display your products across Google in different ways. This plugin lets you list your product for free or with ads. All you have to do is to sync your online store to Google then you will be able to run ads, list products, or track performance directly from the WooCommerce dashboard. It’s available only for specific locations

The plugin allows you to connect your online store with Google Merchant Center easily. This will help you to upload relevant product data to Google and display the product on multiple places like the shopping tab, Google search window, and image tab if you are selling from the US. You can also connect with your existing Google ads account to create your campaign. It’s a free plugin. 

Key Features:

  • Display product in multiple channels using Performance Max campaigns
  • Create the entire Google ad campaign from the WooCommerce dashboard 
  • Track the ad campaign performance and get automated reports 
  • Run free product listing and paid campaign at the same time 

11. FunnelKit

FunnelKit allows the store owner to create the best WooCommerce checkout page that drives high conversion for online stores. This plugin also lets you create a sales funnel, custom thank-you pages, opt-in pages, one-click upsells, and more readily. It also consists of pre-built templates that look stunning on any device. 

The plugin helps you to build a sales funnel that converts leads into loyal customers. It helps to increase average order value through target-based order bumps & one-click upsell in your WooCommerce store. That’s not it; you will be able to monitor the entire campaign via the performance dashboard in WooCommerce. 

Key Features:

  • Create your own section on the checkout page 
  • Reorder or remove the unnecessary fields 
  • Pre-built templates consist of a minimalist design 
  • Build conditional-based one-click upsell 

Price: Starts from $99.50/year. 

12. WooCommerce Best Sellers

WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin allows you to create a product slider to highlight the top-selling products of the online store. A default best-seller page will be created when you install this plugin. It will help the customers to view the entire product listing on a single webpage.

You can enable the best-seller product slider for the shop page, single product page, or category page. You can set the product limit to feature items in the WooCommerce slider. It also allows you to customize the best-seller slider per your store’s requirements. 

Key Features

  • Create a custom best-seller seal for WooCommerce products
  • Customize the best-seller label appearance 
  • Edit the title and adjust the width of the sliders 
  • Determine positions to display the product slider 

Price: Starts from $49/year. 

13. TI WooCommerce Wishlist

TI WooCommerce Wishlist is a sales-driven plugin that allows customers to save their products to purchase later. The plugin has the option to share the wishlist on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, email, or more. It helps to attract new customers to your online store and enhance brand visibility among shoppers. 


You can choose the suitable location for your “Add to Wishlist” button on the shop page or specific product page. Using the shortcodes, you can place the button anywhere on your website. The plugin also lets you create a custom button for the wishlist. You can decide on the redirect to another page after adding items to the wishlist. 

Key Features:

  • Create a customizable table column for the wishlist
  • Remove product automatically after adding to cart 
  • Build a separate Wishlist page on your website 
  • Supports multilingual plugins like WPML

Price: Starts from $79/year. 



The mentioned WooCommerce plugin will help you to provide the functionality that customers seek. To find the right plugin for the store, you need to think about the requirements of the store, what’s on demand for customers in a specific niche, discover what feature you are missing, analyze competitors, and more. This helps you to identify what you need to offer in your online store. 

You can choose the relevant plugins for the WooCommerce store and take your store to the next level. You need to always remember to build your store for a better user experience. Because in that way, you will able to retain your customer and drive more sales to your online store.