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Freelancer VS. Business Owner: It’s on you

Many people use the terms freelancer and business owner interchangeably. Although there are definite similarities (working in pajamas anyone?) the differences make a huge, well, difference. In my case, I’m currently in the transition between freelancer and business...

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5 Golden rules for Pairing Fonts like a Pro

Hey guys! So, now that you know the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts, and you’ve chosen one for your company, you should be ready to start designing! However, you may ask, what if I want to use more than one font? Well, this week I’m gonna give you a...

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How to Create a Quiz that Converts

As a business owner, at some point, running a quiz may cross your mind. If you decide to take this path, you're going to want to make sure you're creating a quiz that converts. Recently, for my Empowerment Pride, we decided to test a new tool out, a new up and comer,...

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Using Inspiration to Make Something Your Own.

Plagiarism 101: knowing the line As a creative person living in the internet age, I’m not going to lie, it can be pretty hard to figure out the line between using someone’s art as inspiration, and straight up stealing it. Not only has the Internet given us the...

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Time Chunking Productivity; Plan Your Best Attack

Have you heard of time chunking productivity management techniques? It’s the idea that you can break down, categorize and chart an effective, re-usable plan to increase productivity. It takes the guess work out of what you are doing and when, while also ensuring you...

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