Social media has turned into a powerhouse when it comes to advertising your brands. What started as something with the purpose of connecting people around the world, has turned into a way for consumers to connect with their favourite brands as well. 2020 social media trends are going to completely change how brands utilize social media, including their strategies. More than 90% of millennials regularly use at least one social media platform with more than 85% of them purchasing their products directly through social media channels. Simply put, if your brand isn’t utilizing social media, you don’t stand a chance.

Now it’s one thing to be utilizing social media, however, you need to understand how to use it for your brand. There are multiple ways you can connect with your audience through social media. 2020 social media trends are already showing changes and brands are quickly adapting to the changes to the trends. So, how should businesses and brands anticipate the future for social platforms?

Here’s the 2020 social media trends to watch out for.

Say Goodbye To Likes On Instagram

The biggest gauge of success on social media has been how many likes a post gets. It’s no secret that there is a fixation over likes, comments, and number of followers on social media. It’s considered a measure of popularity and brand recognition, which is a fair measurement. However, this same measurement has a negative impact on our mental health as people and can cause many issues in your business. The best measurement of success for your social media is your overall engagement. You could have only 1,000 followers but have 7-800 of them comment, like, and interact with your posts. That’s AMAZING engagement overall. Compared to having 500,000 followers and 7-8,000 of them comment. The engagement percentage is low.

Instagram has already made efforts towards removing likes as a measure of success on it’s platform. Your no longer able to see the number of likes other Instagram posts get unless their yours. So you can still utilize it to measure your own success, however, you can’t compare yourself to others. As a business, when you start comparing and getting discouraged by your number of likes, it affects you mentally. It impacts your creative juices and can prevent really great innovation from happening. This is a great improvement towards clearing that challenge for businesses and brands.

Video Content Is The King Of Content

Video is the biggest 2020 social media trend and it has shown to be the most effective, engaging content a brand can release on their social media. Videos make up 82% of all internet traffic so far this year, that’s a crazy high percentage. Social media platforms such as Facebook have already taken steps towards prioritizing video content above all else on their platforms. This is leaving marketers having to zero in on videos as part of their strategies to target markets.

This will eventually cause innovation on how video is prepared for social media platforms. Keep an eye on how marketing strategies shift to more video content this year. There will be a massive emphasis on creative and engaging storytelling that captures someones attention within a matter of seconds. Brands and businesses need to have a keen eye for how their videos engage users.

2020 Social Media Trends Will Increase Social Shopping

When it comes to e-commerce, there’s no argument social media has played a massive role in expanding the industry. Including, incorporating e-commerce aspects to their platforms. When someone interacts with a brand, it’s now an expectation that they are on social media. People want to interact with their favorite brands through social media. This includes shopping and making purchases through the platform. 2020 social media trends show that the trick is to create a high level of interest through engaging and creative storytelling. You also need to ensure the shopping experience is seamless and customers don’t leave anywhere to make a purchase. Everything must be done through your platform and branding.

There’s no doubt shopping through social media channels is only going to increase and improve. Marketers need to begin utilizing this avenue to sell products, especially considering the number of users making purchases on social media platforms. Expect more and more features to be released this year that increase the shopping experience.

These 2020 Social Media Trends Are Already Here

Social media is not only a platform to market your brand and advertise your products. It’s also still a platform that holds true to its roots, building and nurturing trusting relationships. As a brand, you need to do that with your audience in order to build a long-lasting connection. Social media is a place where brands can free flow and let their hair down. People want to see behind the brand, the authenticity of the brand, Show the human side and increase transparency to build confidence with your audience.

It doesn’t need to be anything complicated. Focus on something gun, simple, and engaging. Be responsive to the feedback and communication you receive from your audience. When people feel they are being heard, they’re much more likely to engage. Get ahead of the curve on social media with these 2020 social media trends.