Snack Shack

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Hit’n’Run Snack Shack
– Joi Leycraft

Thank you, [Brand Scrubbers] for all your help and support. It means the world to me to have you as part of the team!!” – Joi Leycraft


How We Helped

Joi is a brilliant individual who wanted to bring a new grab-and-go food option to her small town of 700 people. She also happened to be planning to open – that’s right, just before COVID-19 shift things.

We worked with Joi to develop the Snack Shack’s brand, website, menu, and all marketing materials. We continue to support her operation both with her website and social media management. We continue to provide new designs when requested.

Despite odds being stacked against her, she opened, listened to her community, adjusted, and has been able to thrive during a period of time where others have struggled.

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