Your website is an undeniable asset to your business. 

Your website is often the first interaction your customers have with your business. This means your website should make an incredible impact on their perception of your business.

It’s important to understand the challenges you face with having your own website. You need to be found through online search engines (SEO) and when users land on your site, there needs to be an attractive/easy-to-use website.

Do you know where your site stands? 


Key Areas of Our Auditing Process

While there are many areas to go through when auditing a website, these are the key areas we focus on to deliver you results.

SEO (search engine optimization)

There are many factors that go into ranking on search engines. Keywords tied to your pages, internal and external links, along with backlinks to your site are some of the important areas to focus on.

Back-end optimization

It’s so easy to get lost in the plethora of plugin options when building your own site. However, sometimes these plugins conflict with each other. This also may lead to your website needing constant updates and optimization.

User Experience/Usability

It’s essential to have an appealing and easy-to-use design for your website. If your website is too difficult to navigate or has a high page load time, you’re losing valuable eyes on your website.


Having security in place for your website is essential to ensuring no one can cause damage to your business. A lack of security can lead to hacking attacks and negative SEO.