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What's Included

Logo and Brand Board

Within 1 business day of recieving your payment, you'll be presented with 4 logos to choose from. You'll have 1 business day to choose one and submit any edits you would like to the logo of choice (up to 3). If you do not respond within the appropriate time, we'll choose one for you to ensure the project timeline is not disrupted.

complete website

You'll get a complete website, made from one of our prefab layouts, customized to your brand and client needs. The website will include a home page, an about page, and a contact page.

Social Media and Email Marketing Integration

We will take and connect your social profiles to your website for you. We can do the same for your email marketing.

Note: This does not include setup or creation of either. We only ensure the components are connected and functioning.

SEO Research and Implementation

We'll help you kick off your SEO by ensuring base search engine optimization is in place and ensuring primary keywords are installed on all 3 pages. This will not guarantee you the highest ranking on Google but it will ensure you're searchable on a basic level.


Need more?

If your project has needs greater than this project we would be happy to quote you separately.